Some ICIS publications have been made available below for public use. ICIS hopes that its contributions to the industry may be shared in order to grow knowledge and develop the global construction industry for the better.

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Classification, Identification, and BIM

November 2017, ICIS 

This report explores the usefulness of existing national classification systems for organising select information and processes in the construction life cycle. It also considers whether the classification currently used is optimal for supporting the collaborative process with BIM and all parties involved.

BIM Education - Global 2017 Update Report

May 2017, ICIS

In January 2014 NATSPEC issued the first version of a report summarising the status of BIM education in a number of countries across the globe. The report was updated and reissued in 2015 and 2016. This report is version 4.0 of what will be an annual update to the original report.

National BIM Object Library Survey – Summary Report

January 2015, NATSPEC (Australia)

This international BIM survey covers four countries – the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Finland. The survey will be repeated every year and more countries are invited to participate.

Connecting Specifications And BIM

January 2014, ICIS

This report discusses different methods for the connection / integration of specification information and Building Information Models (BIM) including the potential advantages and disadvantages of each method. Each method discussed can be seen as an incremental step from the preceding method, however, it is not suggested that all methods discussed are practical or suitable for implementation.