Is ICIS membership for individuals or organisations?

ICIS membership is held by organisations. All employees of a member organisation can participate in ICIS activities.

Who can be an ICIS member?

ICIS members are organisations that are public or private, and are involved in activities covered by the Society’s 'Interest Areas,' including:

  • Construction specifications
  • Construction cost data
  • Construction product data
  • Construction standards
  • Operation and maintenance data
  • Classification of construction information
  • Interoperability of any item above with Building Information Models (BIM)
How does my organisation become an ICIS member?

Organisations can apply for membership by submitting, to the ICIS Secretary, a Membership Application Form showing evidence of its qualifications as a potential Member, together with a description of the organisation and its activities.

How much does it cost to be an ICIS member?

Annual membership dues are €1,200, with a discount for early payment.

For more information see ICIS Membership.